車いすで観光 浅草寺

Field work in Asakusa and Ueno area (2)

Posted by YUKORIN on May 21, 2016

Senso-ji Temple

Hi! I am YUKORIN, a wheelchair user. I’ll report the latter half of our field work in Asakusa. We checked wheelchair accessibility at Senso-ji Temple

There are no steps at the entrance of Senso-ji Temple which is known as Kaminarimon Gate. So wheelchair users can pass smoothly.
What a huge lantern!

浅草寺の入口 雷門
Entrance of Senso-ji Temple, Kaminarimon Gate

Senso-ji Temple is one of the most popular sightseeing spots among foreign tourists. Nakamise shopping street leading to Senso-ji Temple was very crowded with tourists. However, I enjoyed seeing around the street because Accessible members guided me through it.

I walked around Nakamise shopping street in a wheelchair.

I recommend you to turn off the main street and walk along the backstreet of those shops because it is much quieter than the main street.

本堂の左裏にエレベーターを発見! これで本堂へ上がれます。
We found an elevator on the left side of the main temple. Wheelchair users can go up to the main temple in the elevator.

Elevator for wheelchair users which is located by the main temple

There are ramps inside the temple.

Ramp in the main temple

Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International

Subsequently our members went to Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International which opened last year. We took a look at the wheelchair accessible room.

リッチモンドホテルプレミア浅草インターナショナルと同ビルのまるごと日本 正面玄関
Front entrance of Marugoto Nippon bldg., including Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International

We can enter the hotel from the fifth floor of the Marugoto Nippon building which is well known through TV commercials.

Although a large bed is placed in the room, there is still enough space for a wheelchair user to move around it. A wheelchair user often gets caught on the edge of a bed in a standard-sized room.
This bed is a Simmons known for its luxury and we found it very comfortable.
However, the bed was so high that I found it hard to transfer from my wheelchair to it.

リッチモンドホテルプレミア浅草インターナショナル 専用客室内
Wheelchair accessible room in Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International

Let’s take a look at the bathroom which I was interested in. Wow, it is spacious, too!

Bathroom of the wheelchair accessible room

There are no steps at the entrance. I was able to go to the washstand in a wheelchair.

Entrance of the bathroom

There is some space on the right side of the bathtub. I would be able to enter the bathtub by sitting on the space.
The toilet seat is well-equipped with a backrest and bidet functions.

Toilet seat in the bathroom

We also had a look at the multipurpose restroom at the reception. It is clean and more spacious than the bathroom of the wheelchair accessible room. Moreover, there is a washstand for Islamic people to wash some parts of their body before worship. It looks cosmopolitan.

Multipurpose restroom in the public space of the reception

You can book the wheelchair accessible room by phone.

After we left the hotel, our final stop was Ueno via Tokyo Metro.

Elevator in Ueno Station

We wrapped up this field work with taking commemorative photos in front of the National Museum of Western Art, which will be registered soon as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We took the commemorative photo in front of the National Museum of Western Art
Frankly, I often feel awkward in a group setting. Prior to the accessibility field work, I was not sure if I could take part in it without causing inconveniences to other members. But thanks to their support and willingness to accommodate my needs, the field work turned out to be an enjoyable experience.