Hasedera is a Buddhist temple of the Jodo sect, famous for its "Eleven-headed kannon" and hydrangeas.
The sidewalk from Hase Station is narrow. The lower ground is a stone pavement and it is difficult to push a wheelchair. Benten-Kutsu Cave on the lower ground has a low ceiling and it is difficult to get inside with a wheelchair. The main Hall is on the upper ground and it is unable to access with a wheelchair because of the stairs. It is crowded on weekends.

Wheelchair Accessibility
The lower ground is accessible with a wheelchair. Since there is stairs and the main hall is on the upper ground, it is difficult to access with a wheelchair.
Inside the facilityWheelchair accessible restrooms available
Located at the parking lot of the temple.
Outside the facilityThere are wheelchair accessible restrooms in Hase station.
Parking lot available
There are coin-operated parking lots in the facility.
Other Information
Available languageBrochure: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
Ticket vending machine: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
Fee discountsFree admission for a person with dasabilities.
Crowded days/seasonsCrowed on weekends, especially in hydrangea season.
Walk from Hase Sta.
The sidewalk from Hase Station is narrow. It is crowded on weekends, especially in hydrangea season.
Time required5 minute walk from Hase Station.

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