We have put the information of Kamakura on our website.
We had the survey in Kamakura twice in the spring 2002. We compiled the information endorsed by the facilities we had surveyed, and put it on the home page for Kamakura.
(Information as of October 2002)

As most of the tourist sites in Kamakura are historical temples and shrines with slopes and steps, some are not accessible for the people with disabilities, specifically wheel chair users.
We have carefully selected those accessible for the people with disabilities accompanied by someone.

Kamakura is one hour train ride from Tokyo and popular among the people including those with disabilities escaping from the hustle and bustle of the big city. We continue to provide the necessary information by hoping that we can help people with disabilities enjoy sightseeing and shopping.

We also hope that people in Kamakura are making effort to transform the streets and facilities accessible for the people with disabilities. We would like to extend heartfelt appreciation for the facilities giving us endorsement for putting their information on the website upon the survey. We are also very happy to have the feedback from web users and the people concerned.

The Japanese Red Cross Language Servece Volunteers
Executive Commitee fo Accessible Activites
Coordinator; Masahiko Ito, Junko Wakabayashi
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