We have put the information of Kyoto on our website as well as "Accessible Tokyo 2000".
We have been receiving more and more inquiries about other tourist sites such as Kyoto and Osaka. We have conducted on-the-spot survey twice in the summer 2000 with the support of IBM Japan .Ltd which also funded us to open the website of "Accessible Tokyo 2000".

We have compiled the home page for Kyoto based on the information endorsed by each facility we surveyed. (Information as of October 2001)

As tourist sites in Kyoto have long history with classic structures, some are not accessible for the people with disabilities and wheel chair users. But we found out through the survey that most of them refurbished or provide the service by the staff as much as possible to make them accessible.

We continue to provide the necessary information by hoping that we can help people with disabilities enjoy sightseeing, shopping and lodging without any anxiety. We are very happy to have the feedback from web users, facilities introduced here and the people concerned.

  The Japanese Red Cross Language Servece Volunteers
Executive Commitee fo Accessible Activites
Coordinator; Masahiko Ito, Junko Wakabayashi