Sankeien Garden

    Address : 58-1 Honmoku Sannotani, Naka-ku, Yokohama

    The Sankeien Garden is a Japanese garden which has traditional Japanese buildings within. A powered wheelchair or a wheelchair with a helper can take the main route, part of which has some gravel, shelving slopes, grooves, and bumps. A tour in the Sankei Memorial building with a wheelchair is possible. An audio-visual guide panel in the building offers information of this garden's founder and the buildings with English subtitles and audio. Each material in the exhibition rooms is accompanied by an English title, but its explanation is in Japanese only. Maccha available. A wheelchair can reach Rinshunkaku beyond the Memorial, and also the former Yanohara family house [gassho-style] beyond Kankabashi bridge through the back of Rindoan, but it may not be able to reach the three-story pagoda on top of a hill, nor the area containing five traditional Japanese buildings including Choshukaku because of the stone steps. A wheelchair user may not be able to enter the former Yanohara family house due to its doorsill and steps.
    * Line arrow(s) on the map are our "Recommended Route"(s).
    Sakuragicho: JR, Yokohama Municipal Subway
    Elevator between platform and ticket gateSakuragicho(JR): Elevator available
    Sakuragicho(Subway): Elevator available
    Elevator between ticket gate and outsideSakuragicho(JR): Exit is on the ground floor
    Sakuragicho(Subway): Elevator available
    Recommended routeFrom Sakuragicho, take the city bus Line 8 or 148 to Honmoku-Sankeien.
    Or from Motomachi-Chukagai, use Marine-tower exit (go) or Chukagai exit (return) near Yamashita-cho bus stop of the city bus Line 8 or 148.
    May use Sakuramichi bus stop, if bus driver suggests.
    In high-season, consider using taxi.
    Honmoku bus stop, about 500m away from Honmoku-Sankeien, is available for the city bus Line 58, 99, or 101 to Negishi.
    Brochure available: English, Chinese(simplified/traditional), Korean, French
    Staff people use Japanese only
    Wheelchairs available
    By presenting a physical disability certificate, a person with disability and one helper are admitted free entrance
    Rest room in front of the shop inside the Sankei Memorial building recommended
    AccessAlmost flat from the bus stop
    EntranceSome shelving slope
    InsideAbout 60% of buildings are accessible with wheelchair
    ParkingOne parking space intended for use by people with disabilities available
    Research date
    June, 2016