Shimbashi Station

Shimbashi Station

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Rest room between platform and gateRest room between ticket gate and outsideNote
YurikamomeEast ExitElevators available between gate floor and deck as well as between deck and ground level. To JR and Tokyo Metro, go to ground level. To Toei, use elevator installed in Shiodome Sio-site.
West Exit
JR LineKarasumori GateExit is on the ground floor. To Yurikamome, use elevator across the exit for Shiodome. To Toei, go via Yurikamome deck almost flatly. Change elevators on Shiodome-gate floor to Yokosuka-Sobu Line (Rapid) platform.
Ginza GateExit is on the ground floor. To Tokyo Metro, cross the road in the eastward direction, use elevator faced to Sotobori-dori pavement on the south side.
Hibiya GateExit is on the ground floor.
Shiodome GateExit is under the ground. Elevators available to Yokosuka-Sobu Line (Rapid) platform. Use elevator in the gate to the ground and the other lines. No elevator available outside the gate.
Toei Asakusa LineJR Shimbashi Sta., Shiodome District GateExit the gate and turn to the right. Use elevator installed in Shiodome Sio-site to Yurikamome deck. To the other lines, go via the deck.
Shimbashi 4-chome District GateGate name displayed in Japanese only.
Tokyo Metro Ginza LineJR Line, YurikamomeExit the gate, turn to the left, and use elevator on the right side to the ground.
Shimbashi Crossing Gate
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JR Line
Toei Asakusa Line
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line

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