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Field work on a wheel chair at Tsukiji Hongwanji Buddhist Temple

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Nice to meet you, I'm Clara in charge of posting blogs on field work at sightseeing spots. This is my first time !


We went out from Tsukiji Outer Market Street to the sidewalk in the direction of Harumi St. and proceeded to the left towards Tsukiji Hongwanji Buddhist Temple. It moved me because I could join today's field work on the historical day of the Tsukiji Market move.

The pedestrian crossing of the intersection


Then, we crossed at Harumi St. and Shinohashi St. (at the intersection of Tsukiji 4-chome) in the direction of Haccyobori, with our back toward Tsukiji Outer Market.We went on straight and finally, we could find The West Gate of Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple easily on the right and entered the gate. There was a gradual slope and a statue of Shinran Shonin at the end of the slope. We went up the slope and proceeded to the left at the end.

The West Gate of Tsukiji Hongwanji Buddhist Temple
The statue of Shinran Shonin and the slope
The slope from the top


The path of the precincts of the Temple is flat. And an event that looked like an exotic and fun event was held there, such as dancing, musical instrument performance and so on. There were some white tents around the main building of the temple, an outdoor stage and some food stands that looked tasty from several countries.

The path of the precincts of the Temple is flat. And an event that looked like an exotic and fun event was held there, such as dancing, musical instrument performance and so on. There were some white tents around the main building of the temple, an outdoor stage and some food stands that looked tasty from several countries.
Near the center stairs of the main hall

寺院の公式ウェブサイトでは「もっとひらかれたお寺を目指して築地本願寺が動きはじめます。」とのコメントみつけました。なんだか気になります ♪

Oh! By the way, I found a message on the temple's official web site saying "Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple aims to become more open and will start to move for it."That sounds interesting ♪

The greens of the precincts


The present main building of Tsukiji Hongwanji Buddhist Temple was rebuilt in 1934. It was designed by an architect Chuta Ito. The exterior is an ancient Indian-style ,but the interior is a traditional Shinsyu Temple construction. In 2012, the official name was changed from the previous "Hongwanji Betsuin" into "Tsukiji Hongwanji", and in 2014, the main building of the temple, the stone fence and the three gates and gate posts(the front gate, the North gate, the South gate) were registered as a national important cultural property of Japan.

The main building of the temple


Now, in the precincts, you can find Daiichi Dendo Hall which houses the Japanese restaurant "Shisui", an accommodation and a theater on the right side facing the front of the main building. Then,in the foreground on the left side, there is an information center which has a café, a shop and a book center.

The parking lot

( 駐車場約50台収容可。但し、駐車場係員さんに申し出を要する。)

In case of personal use, common visitors offering prayers, users of the facility for a Buddhist ceremony, the Japanese restaurant "Shisui" and the café of the information center can park at the parking lot for free while you are staying there.
( The parking lot has a 50-vehicle capacity. But when you park there, you need to ask the staff.)

Go for under the center stairs of the main building


Now, we proceeded counterclockwise from the center of the precincts, in the direction of a route under the center stairs of the main building. And we entered the main building by going up a side slope for wheel chair users .

The slope for the main building


We entered through an automatic door and there was a gentle slope and some pictures were exhibited at the left corner of the entrance. On the right hand, there was a lobby as a rest space for visitors to pray and there was a service desk in front. We went up the next gentle slope, entered a hall way and proceeded to the left.

The exhibition of the pictures
The automatic door to the hall way


By the way, I couldn't go this time but I‘ve heard there is the vending machine for soft drinks inside the building. Then there is a multi purpose rest room at the end of the long hall way on the ground floor .

The door of the multi purpose rest room on the ground floor
The inside of the rest room
The inside


And on the left hand from the front of the rest room, there is an elevator for the upper (second) floor .

The elevator on the ground floor

Next on the upper (second) floor, there is the multi purpose rest room on the right hand from the front of the elevator.

The elevator and the multi purpose rest room on the upper (second) floor

There is a downward slope on the right hand towards the front of the rest room by the window.

Went down backwards at the slope to the main hall

本堂内には、沢山の参拝者が並ばれていました。お線香のかぐわしい香りに包まれながら参拝し、しばし、ヒーリングタイム ♪
There were many visitors praying there. With wrapped fragrant smell of joss-sticks, we also prayed and took a healing time for a while ♪

The inside of the main hall

( 本堂の開堂時間4月~9月 6:00~17:30/ 10月~3月 6:00~17:00)

The main hall From April to September【Open 6:00 a.m./Close 5:30 p.m.】
From October to March【Open 6:00 a.m./Close 5:00 p.m.】

There is a pipe organ right above a door of the hall.

The pipe organ

毎月最終金曜日に入場無料で12:20~12:50(日程変更有)パイプオルガン ランチタイムコンサート「2000の風」があります。

The pipe organ is made by Walker Company in former West Germany, and it contains 2,000 big and small pipes from 3 meters to 1 centimeter, and it plays with a delicate and solemn tone.
The pipe organ's lunchtime concert "The breeze of 2,000 " is held for free on the last Friday of every month . (12:20p.m.~12:50p.m.) But it could be rescheduled.

The automatic door and the slope of the entrance to the lobby of the main building

We went back the route we came and went out from the main building and then went to an information center on the right front side .

Near an entrance of the information center


The route for the information center is flat and you enter through an automatic door at the center. There is an information desk in the front. The multi purpose rest room and the café "Tsumugi" is on the left hand. Most of our Accessible Tokyo's members took beverages which looked yummy !,

The info desk of the information center
The multi purpose rest room on the ground floor
The inside of the rest room
The inside of it

Café Tsumugi

The counter of the café"Tsumugi"

( 営業8:00~21:00まで )

With their concept of "Wa", it is a café where you could have menus enjoyable both for your eyes and taste for breakfast and lunch related to Buddhism and the Jodo Shinsyu, a light snack from shops of the Tsukiji Outer Market, the Tsukiji Hongwanji's original blended tea, some sweets, alcohol and so on whilst seeing the view of the precincts.
( Open from 8:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. )

On our way home from the precincts


After that, we went out from the center, then watched an event for a while and finished today's field work. It was a great day that remains in my memory with both the temperature and my heart being warm!

All information is as of October 6th in 2018.

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