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About Accessible Kamakura

Accessible Kamakura is a site managed by the Japanese Red Cross Language Service Volunteers.

This site aims to provide information to help people with disabilities visiting Japan. Kamakura area is popular among domestic and foreign tourists recently. Therefore Accessible Kamakura completed the renewal of the site in 2019.

Kamakura is a historical tourist spot centered on popular shrines and temples. However there are not always good accessible facilities. It is also very crowded on weekends and the sidewalks to the facilities are narrow.

We hope that you make use of this site based on your own disability situation and the situation of your assistant.

You can easily find tourist spots you want to know, categorized according to areas. Each facility will also have descriptions of wheelchair correspondence to the nearest station and the bus stop, so please refer to it before visiting.

If you notice something in the content of the posts, please contact us from the inquiry form.
The Japanese Red Cross Language Service Volunteers supports people with disabilities visiting Japan. Please contact us directly.

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Kita-Kamakura area

Engakuji, Meigetsu-in, Kencho-Ji, etc.

Central Kamakura area

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, Zeniaraibenten, etc.

Kamakura-Gu area

kamakura-guu, Houkokuji, etc.

Hase area

Hasedera, Kotoku-in (Kamakura Daibutsu), etc.

Zaimokuza area

Komyoji, Zaimokuza Beach, etc.

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