Wheelchair users cannot visit inside the famous bamboo garden including the Matcha tea-house because of the steps. Therefore wheelchair users can see the bamboo forest leading to the garden entrance under the steps.

Wheelchair Accessibility
The main hall is wheelchair accessible. But there is a steep slope, so a wheelchair needs to be assistance from the temple gate. Wheelchair users can not go to the bamboo garden (Matcha tea-house included)because it is above the steps.
Inside the facilityWheelchair accessible restrooms available
20 meters from the main gate on the left side.
Outside the facilityWheelchair accessible restrooms available in Kamakura seisyounen kaikan.
Parking lot available
The parking lot is available up to the size of a minibus. But in most cases, it is full because of the small lot. They do not have the parking space only for wheelchair users. Coin parking lot is available in the neighborhood.
Other Information
Available languageBrochure: Japanese, English, it is in the Matcha tea-house.
Signboard: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean.
Fee discountsFree admission for a person with disabilities and an attendant by showing disability certificate.
Crowded days/seasonsSaturday , Sunday, and holiday are crowded.
Bus from Kamakura Sta.
Bound for Kamakurareien shoumenmae tachiarai Kanazawahakkei Station (23,24)
Bound for Kanazawahakkei Station The Rindou (24)
A circular bus Highland (36)
About 12 minutes
Time required12 minutes by bus, and 3 minutes on foot from Joumyoji bus stop.

Neighborhood facilities

Former Residence of Marquis Kacho
Former Residence of Marquis Kacho