Tsurugaoka Museum, Kamakura


Tsurugaoka Museum, Kamakura


Cultural facilities in the precincts of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu. The route from the Hachimangu main path to the entrance is flat and accessible for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair Accessibility
It is flat from the entrance to the building. The exhibition room is located on the second floor and you can use the elevator to access.
Inside the facilityWheelchair accessible restrooms available
Wheelchair accessible restroom is available. Because it is in a paid facility, it is not possible to use only the toilet
Outside the facilityThe restroom is located inside the precinct
No parking lot
Other Information
Available languageJapanese, English
Fee discounts
Crowded days/seasonsCrowded on weekends and holidays
Walk from Kamakura Sta.
This facilitie is located inside the precict of Hachimangu. You can get to Hachimangu Shrine via the Komachi-dori street or Wakamiya-oji street.
Time required10 minutes walk from Kamakura station.

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