Kamakura Staion

Train Station

Kamakura Staion

Tourists from Tokyo and Yokohama arrive at JR Kamakura station. Wheelchair users can get out of the exits by using elevators. The ENODEN line has tourist attractions along the line and it is always crowded.

Wheelchair Accessibility
Elevator is available to ticket gates from the platform.
Inside the facilityWheelchair accessible restrooms available
Outside the facilityLocated at the bus terminal of east exit.
No parking lot
From JR platform you have to use two elevators, either to the east exit bus terminal or to the west exit ENODEN entrance.
JR Kamakura station
Wheelchair accessible restroom inside of the east exit.
At the end of the corridor next to the ticket gate
Wheelchair accessible restroom outside of the east exit.
Located at the east exit bus terminal
Wheelchair accessible restroom 2nd floor in station building
CIAL Kamakura
Enoshima Dentetsu (ENODEN)
Directly connected from JR Line.
By using elevators, you can go to ENODEN from JR platform.  You can enter from both of JR entrances.
It is under renovation (May 2019-April 2020).
Wheelchair accessible restroom inside the gate of ENODEN
The restroom may not be available due to the renovating construction.
Keikyu Bus
Two bus companies operating (Keikyu and ENODEN) in Kamakura city
East exit Bus Terminal No.7
KAMA40: Bound for Shin-zushi Sta. (Kuhonji/Koumyouji)
East exit Bus Terminal No.4
KAMA20: Bound for Daitonomiya (Kamakuraguu)
East exit Bus Terminal No.5
KAMA24: Bound for Kanazawa-Hakkei Sta. (Hachimanguu/Jyoumyouji/Houkokuji)
East exit Bus Terminal No.2
Bound for Shichiriga-hama
Kamakura station building
Souvenir shops and restaurants
2nd floor is convenient for meeting with restraurants and wheelchair accessible restroom.
Japanese and Western cake, souvenir, convenience store and Bakery café
Japanese restaurant and Cafe
Tourisut Information Center
You can get a guide in several languages at the Tourist Information Center inside the station.

Neighborhood facilities

Toshimaya main store
Shopping Area
Toshimaya main store
Public restroom at Jufukuji
Wheelchair accessible restrooms
Public restroom at Jufukuji