Komyo-ji is a Buddhist temple of the Jodo sect. There is a garden with a pond and a stone garden in the precinct. You can visit inside the main hall with a wheelchair from the temple office. There is a garden inside the hall. The tombstone of the late actor Ken Takakura is there. An observation deck is also situated at backyard.

Wheelchair Accessibility
Inside building also available for wheelchair. (ask staff)
Inside the facilityWheelchair accessible restrooms available
1 is near main gate, 2nd is in the main hall, 3rd is in temple office.
Outside the facility
Parking lot available
Other Information
Available languageSignboard : Japanese, English
Brochure : Japanese, English
Fee discounts
Crowded days/seasonsNot crowded
Bus from Kamakura Sta.
From Kamakura station east gate. Take the bus (40) from the east exit of Kamakura Station and get off at the Komyoji bus stop. There is a staircase in front of the gate, but wheelchair users can enter from the side of the parking lot.
Time required10 minutes by bus, and 1 minutes on foot from the bus stop.

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