Web site policy

  • Providing information
    Accessible Tokyo ("the Site") provides information via internet accesses on a voluntary basis. The contents and the methods of publication on the Site are as follows.
  • Sources of the contents
    The contents of the Site are based on the information surveyed by Accessible Editorial Committee of The Japanese Red Cross Language Service Volunteers ("the Committee") and the information directly provided by each of the facilities. You may check with websites of the respective facilities for further details and updated information.
  • Method of publication, modification and removal
    If you would like to publicize, modify, or remove information on the Site, please contact the Committee.
  • Inquiries
    Contact the Committee to click here.
  • Link policy
    You may create a link to the top page of the Site freely in principle. However, please notify the Committee in advance.
  • Copyright
    All the contents on the Site, including texts, illustrations, logos, photos and movies, are copyrighted by The Japanese Red Cross Language Service Volunteers, the original authors or other right holders. You may not reuse (including duplicate, modify, distribute and transmit publicly) the contents without a prior permission by the copyright holder(s), with the exception of private use or other purposes explicitly permitted by law.If you would like to make citation, diversion, reprint or use beyond the extent permitted by law, please contact the Committee.
  • Handling of personal information
    Personal information obtained by the Site through inquiries and other ways will not be used for the purposes other than the original intent.If you have any inquiries on the handling of personal information by the Site, please contact the Committee.