New National Theatre, Tokyo

New National Theatre, Tokyo

The Large theatre hosts performances of Kabuki and Buyō as well as stage plays. The Small Hall specializes in Bunraku, Japanese music, smaller Buyō productions, gagaku, shōmyō, and folk theatre. In a separate Building, the Engei Hall stages rakugo and manzai performances.


1-1-1 Honmachi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Entrance Almost flat
Inside Almost flat
Parking Parking space available
Access Almost flat
Designated seat or space for wheelchair users available, for regularly-scheduled performance, minimum ticket fee available (except seat Z). Admission free for physical disability certificate holder and an attendant), 20% discount for physical disability certificate holder (except seat Z and D), Ostomate' Toilet available, assistance for sight or hearing impaired people available.
Available language
Staff available: English
Inspection date
May, 2014
Nearest station Hatsudai: Keio New Line
Elevator between platform and ticket gate Elevator available
Elevator between ticket gate and outside Exit is same floor of entrance
Recommended route
From Hatsudai, central exit is directly connected to the building.

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Tokyo Opera City
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
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