A traditional quality jewelry shop located at the corner of Ginza 4-chome intersection, the center of Ginza area. The building’s clock tower is a well known feature as a symbol of Ginza. Quality watches, jewelry, and selected interior goods are available.


4-5-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Entrance Almost flat
Inside Almost flat access to elevators
Parking Parking space for people with disabilities available
Access Almost flat
Wheelchair available
Available language
Staff available: English, Chinese
Nearest station Ginza: Tokyo Metro (Ginza Line, Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line)
Higashi-ginza: Tokyo Metro (Hibiya Line), Toei (Asakusa Line)
Elevator between platform and ticket gate Ginza: Elevator available
Higashi-ginza: Elevator available
Elevator between ticket gate and outside Ginza: Elevator available
Higashi-ginza: Elevator available at Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Flat access at Toei Asakusa Line
Recommended route
From Ginza, take the elevator near exit B2 up to the ground

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