The Tokyo Station Hotel

The Tokyo Station Hotel

The Tokyo Station Hotel is located inside the red bricked Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building that has a rich history and is a designated Important Culture Property of Japan. It was renovated in 2012, and it marked its 100th anniversary in November 2015. It has a lot of luxurious guest rooms which have a view of the magnificent inside of the Tokyo Station and beautiful views of Marunouchi. In addition, you can have a breakfast buffet offering over 70 dishes in “The Atrium” located on the top floor. It is accessible by wheelchairs. For the visually handicapped, it has a braille guide and an emergency call number.


1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Entrance Almost flat
Inside Almost flat
Parking Parking space for people with disabilities available
Access Almost flat
Wheelchair available, 1 designated room for wheelchair users available
Available language
Staff available: English
Brochure available: English
Nearest station Tokyo: JR, Tokyo Metro (Marunouchi Line)
Elevator between platform and ticket gate Elevator available
Elevator between ticket gate and outside Elevator available
Recommended route
Marunouchi South exit is directly connected

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