The Sumida Hokusai Museum

The Sumida Hokusai Museum

Hokusai Katsushika is popular at home and abroad for his woodblock print art such as Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji. He was born in Sumida ward as we call it today and spent most of his years until he dies at the age of nearly ninety, and left large number of print art, original drawings and Sketches by Hokusai. Photography of exhibited items is permitted and information search by tablet terminal is available. The appearance of the building designed by Kazuyo Sejima looks modern. Inside of the building is universal design, moving between floors is easy for wheelchair users.


2-7-2 Kamezawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo


Entrance Autdoor, almost flat
Inside Almost flat, elevator installed
Parking A parking space for the wheelchair users available
Access Almost flat
Wheelchairs available, guide dog permitted
Available language
English brochures available
Nearest station Ryogoku: JR,Toei(Oedo Line)
Elevator between platform and ticket gate Ryogoku: JR,Toei(Oedo Line): Elevator available
Elevator between ticket gate and outside
Recommended route
From Ryogoku: JR West exit or
Toei Oedo Line: A3 exit

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