Yokohama Royal Park Hotel

Yokohama Royal Park Hotel

Yokohama Royal Park Hotel is a city hotel, which resides in The Landmark Tower. Six barrier-free rooms are available.


2-2-1-3 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama


Entrance Almost flat
Inside Few steps
Parking No Parking space for people with disabilities available
Access Almost flat
Designated room for wheelchair users available.
No step at the bathroom entrance.
Wheelchairs available.
Available language
Staff available: English, Chinese, Korean
Inspection date
November, 2015
Nearest station Sakuragicho: JR
Sakuragicho: Yokohama Municipal Subway
Minatomirai: Minatomirai Line
Elevator between platform and ticket gate Sakuragicho(JR): Exit is on the ground floor
Sakuragicho(Subway): Elevator available
Minatomirai: Elevator available
Elevator between ticket gate and outside Sakuragicho: Elevator available
Minatomirai: Elevator available
Recommended route
From Minatomirai, go to the left from the wicket, take the elevator of Queen's Square to the 1F, walk to the right, next building is the hotel.

Neighborhood facilities

The Landmark Tower
The Landmark Tower
Queen's Square Yokohama
Queen's Square Yokohama