Accessible Activities was introduced by NHK TV.

Accessible Activities was introduced by NHK TV.

Our activities of Accessible Tokyo was introduced in NHK's TV program "Hirumae-Hot".

Broadcasted on Friday, October 21.

We usually check the accessibility of shopping facilities or sightseeing spots of Tokyo and introduce them on our webpage and blog.
On October 2, we investigated whether a wheelchair user could go to Mt. Takao or not. NHK contacted us as they planned a program to verify the accessibility of the sightseeing spots in Tokyo towards the Olympics and Paralympics in 2020 and joined us with this investigation together.
A person capable of walking got on a wheelchair this time because in a sense it was a reckless investigation.

The route we took was as the following. First we took a cable car with the wheelchair from the foot of the mountain to the station halfway up and then we took a normal climbing route to the Yakuoin Temple. From here we entered the mountain route to the top. We investigated several restrooms on the way and we were able to arrive at the top with a wheelchair safely.

The NHK crew took most of the process on video and introduced the investigation situation carefully in their program.Additionally, they also interviewed Ms. Yoshida who is an original member of our volunteer corps with the background that the Japanese Red Cross Language Service Volunteers were originally formed as the interpreter volunteers of the Paralympics games in 1964. NHK introduced her as becoming an architect of wheelchair accessible houses and keeps working on building and renovation work from her experience with some people with disabilities at that time.

Please take a look at the Blog for further information of this trip.